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How To Launch A Cash Practice in 90 Days

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Escape The Corporate Grind To Become Your Own Boss

Do you feel like...

  • your jam packed schedule is more for profit and less for quality care

  • you spend more time looking at a computer than your patient's faces

  • your family-personal life suffers because of work

  • money will always be tight because of your school loans

If you do then the question is...

Are you going to stop blaming the insurance companies, doctors and your boss and start taking control of your career?

Dear Frustrated Therapist,

Are you sick of more patients being added to your already packed schedule? Do you feel like there’s more emphasis on profit than quality care? Does it seem like you spend more time looking at at computer screen than your patient’s faces?

If you’ve dreamed about owning your practice but didn’t know where to start. If you’ve spent countless hours on the Internet trying to find the right answers and you still haven’t launched your practice then you’re about to find you’ve been waiting for.

If you were to Google “how to start a private therapy practice” right now, you would get thousands of results.

You would see article upon article digging into dozens of questions about running a practice…

  • How to get more referrals…
  • What location is right for you...
  • Which software to use…
  • What kind of equipment you need…
  • How to get paid more by insurance companies…

I’m surprised they don’t mention the carpet color or the wallpaper pattern!

There’s one question you won’t see there -- and it’s the only one that really matters...


Ideal patients are what makes or breaks your private practice. You could have the fanciest office, state-of-the-art equipment, premium location, best software in the industry…

...but without patients, your practice is dead in the water.

And that’s why starting a traditional insurance-based therapy practice is almost guaranteed to fail.

You don’t need a billionth piece of advice on what networks to join, how to write a business plan or what latest treatment technique to get trained in.

You need a way that guarantees your practice will make money -- before you spend even one dollar upfront.

I can help you attract and treat your first patient with little to no cost, and risk. I can help you start a profitable practice from scratch, even if…

  1. You have minimal business and technological experience.
  2. You’re still paying off student loans.
  3. You have doubts that people will pay you for what you do.

Enrollment for the premium version of the Cash Therapy Practice Course is now OPEN.

In This Exclusive Online Course You'll Learn How To...

  • Leverage your passions, talents and experience into a practice you wake up wanting to go to
  • Research target markets to find patients who need you and are willing to pay top dollar
  • Develop a niche around your unique expertise to stand out from the competition
  • Validate your ideas and services to avoid starting a practice that won’t pay the bills
  • Create a launch team who will help get your practice off the ground from day one
  • Set up minimal viable business systems to keep things simple and cost effective
  • Deliver exceptional value your first client and get paid for it
  • Leverage an outstanding patient experience to grow your practice without spending boatloads of money on marketing

The Cash Practice From Scratch Course is the best strategy to start your own business with the least amount of risk and cost. You’ll create a solid Pre-Launch foundation strategy and utilize only the essential business systems to get your practice off the ground fast.

This Could Be You

I regularly have therapists ask me how to start their own practice, I immediately think of Tom.

Tom left a sizeable salary and ownership in the large group practice to start his own clinic. At his old job he found himself going to work early and staying late. He decided he wanted to spend more time with each patient and to be home in time for family meals.

Tom’s own practice has thrived since the day he opened his clinic doors. He literally had patients wanting to be scheduled while he was moving in his equipment. Tom now earns a great income and has the work-life balance that he desired.

While there are several factors behind Tom’s success, what stands out to me the most is that he kept his startup simple and he built a solid base of supporters before his launch. By keeping his overhead low and providing exceptional value he is able to enjoy a steady flow of patients and income.

Starting a business as a cash practice allows you to learn first hand what services consumers are willing to pay for. You’re no longer dependent on middlemen to tell what you’re worth. The consumers tell you through their checkbook. The physical therapists in private practice typically make a six figure yearly income. More important than the salary is that therapists are paid for the value they deliver and how hard they work.

The big advantage of a cash practice is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours learning how to be paid by insurance companies. You don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to please referring doctors.

You can get started right away with minimal startup costs and earn an income helping people who trust and want what you offer.

The good news is that you can pay for your this course by seeing just one or two patients!

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Starting and managing a successful practice is not easy. It’s not for the fainthearted. You have to be self-motivated, overcome obstacles and find a way to make it happen.

I want to be completely honest with you, no one can guarantee that your new practice is going to be a success.

However, I want you to be fully satisfied with the Cash Practice From Scratch Course. I’m confident if you put in the work, you’ll get results. But life happens and if at any point you discover you don’t feel the same way, then I want you to have your money back.

If you’ve turned in your homework and the course isn’t meeting your expectations after one month I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. To reach your goal of practice ownership the course requires that specific work be done throughout the program.

In order to get your full refund you just need to do two things. Submit your finished homework through Module Three along with your request for a refund within 30 days. If you have any questions regarding the guarantee just email me at


If you sign up for the Cash Practice From Scratch Course Course today you’ll receive a free Cash Practice From Scratch Companion Workbook. The companion workbook contains all the course exercises and resources in one location. This workbook will give you a place to record your progress and it’s absolutely free.

You’ll get the digital and audio versions of my book On Fire:Ignite Your Passion With A Cash Therapy Practice. On Fire will provide you background information and guidance on why now is the perfect time to start a cash practice.

You’ll also receive absolutely free my interviews with cash practice pioneers Aaron Lebauer, Jarod Carter, Chad Madden and many more to put your practice startup on the fast track.

Order “The Cash Practice From Scratch Course” Now For Three Monthly Payments of $367

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign-up for the Cash Practice From Scratch Course:

  • 6 Step-by-step modules with easy to implement lessons presented in 16 videos
  • Personal online assessment to identify exactly where you're at in the practice launch process and what you need to do next
  • A library of resources, trainings and “how to” shortcuts to get your practice off the ground in the shortest amount of time possible
  • Two 30-minute private coaching sessions with Paul to solidify your implementation strategy to help you keep moving forward
  • Monthly office hours with Paul and other therapists just like you to problem solve, share resources and have accountability
  • Private group interaction and support with other therapists in the course community section

Enrollment for the premium version of the Cash Therapy Practice Course is now OPEN.

P.S.: The time is now. Those big healthcare corporations are going to keep putting more patients on your schedule until you’ve got nothing else to give. Do you have the courage to take your career into your own hands? Now is your chance to fulfill your dream of starting your own practice a reality. Will you go for it? CLICK THE ENROLL NOW BUTTON BELOW TO BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS.

Enrollment for the premium version of the Cash Therapy Practice Course is now OPEN.

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Class Curriculum

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  Module Two– Mission Plan
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  Module Three– Launch Pad
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  Module Six– Outer Limits
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Your Instructor

Paul Potter PT
Paul Potter PT

Paul is a physical therapist and mentor who lives in Nebraska with his wife, who is also a therapist. They have four daughters. For more than 35 years he successfully managed his own private practice. He now guides therapists on how to start up their own practice at his website and podcast.

I created the Cash Therapy Success Academy because I believe in the power and impact of therapy entrepreneurs creating small businesses. Therapy services provided in large organizations is essential and make no mistake we need it. But the real magic begins with entrepreneurs –born with the unique gift to build successful businesses.

I know what it's like to begin a start-up for less than $100 when I lacked the necesssary finances and self-confidence. I've expereienced what it's like to start all over when devasted by a life threatening diagnosis. After managing my own private practice for over 35 years I know how valuable it is to have the support and guidance from family, friends and experienced mentors.

The Cash Therapy Success Academy exists to help entrepreneurs like you create a fulfilling and profitable practice for yourself and those you care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the investment in the program?
The total investment you need to make for lifetime access to the Cash Practice From Scratch Course is $997 or 3 payments of $367.
What kind of support will I receive?
Unlimited email and one-on-one coaching sessions are included. The premium course includes 1 on 1 coaching and group support sessions for those students who want more individualized guidance and support..
Who is the DIY version designed for?
Some of you are not planning to start your own practice in the near future. But you'd like to learn more about starting a cash practice. The DIY will give you everything you need to know for when the time is right for you.
What does the DIY version include?
The DIY version Includes all videos, exercises, resources and workbooks in the premium version for you to launch your practice on your timeline. The Do-It-Yourself version includes email support for 90 days but does not include one-on-one coaching and small group support.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Student support is available for 90 days from the date you begin the course.
What if I am not satisfied with the course?
Launching a successful practice isn't easy nor is it for everyone. Don't enroll in the course if you're not confident that now is the time for a career change. We would never want you to be unsatisfied with the course! If you are unhappy with your purchase, and if you've turned in your homework we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
What if I want to pay upfront– do I get a discount?
Yes, you do! A one-time payment for the Cash Practice From Scratch Course is $997, which means you will save $104 if you decide to pay upfront.
What if I don't have a solid idea for my practice yet? Will CPS help me?
No problem at all! If you have zero ideas or a thousand, in CPS you'll learn how to visualize your ideal practice and ideal client based upon your passions and experience. You will learn how to validate your niche practice idea through market research. You'll refine your unique profitable service through relationships with your launch team.
I'm not a business or marketing expert. Is CPS for me?
Absolutely! In fact, it's almost better if you aren't so you won't make it more complicated than it needs to be. CPS will teach you the "lean start up" essentials to get your practice up and running in the simplest and easiest way possible. CPS will work if you're a novice or have years of management experience.
What can CPS do for me if I'm employed by someone else?
Whatever your day job, financial situation or area of expertise, CPS can help you maximize your earning potential and career fulfillment by starting your own business. Who says you have to quit your full time job to start a business that capitalizing on your knowledge and skill. If you are good at what you do and you're passionate about helping people you can turn your expertise into a profitable side gig and keep your day job if you want.
When does the course start and finish?
The next class begins on MAY 2ND, 2017 and the support ends 90 days later. You have lifetime access to the material. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.